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Certificate Capstone Project

The Certificate Capstone Project combines a course in film studies with an added research paper. Students write the paper as the final project for one of the courses listed under “Capstone Course” (click here), and  receive an additional one (1) hour of credit. In addition to the chosen “Capstone Course,” students enroll in MCL 592 (Research Practicum: Film Studies Capstone). This is work to be produced by the student that will not be required of other students in the course who are taking the course for regular credit. The paper is written in addition to any other coursework (exams, papers) required by the course.

  • The student is responsible for consulting with the faculty member of the proposed capstone course to ensure that the faculty member is willing to advise the student on the research project in the course and for obtaining the faculty member's signature (PRINT the Capstone Advisor Agreement Form here);
  • Once approval from the faculty member teaching the course has been obtained, the student will consult with the faculty member to establish a reading and viewing list in addition to the regular course syllabus for the Capstone Project;
  • The paper, ten to fifteen pages in length, will synthesize the analytical skills and historical and formal insights gained over the course of the International Film Studies curriculum.

N.B. Students must pair MCL 592 with a film course at the 300 level or above.

Capstone Advisor Agreement Form